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What stops (or can stop) you from walking in faith?

Just the other day, I was tested. I got upset and didn’t want to worship, talk, or listen to God. But shortly after, I eventually started opening up to God and started having conversation with Him, because as much as I wanted to do things my way, it was compromising my relationship with HIM, ultimately. In the conversation, it was revealed why I was upset, and he gave me part of this scripture. And I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit for convicting me and for God’s mercy and patience as He persisted for my attention toward Him again, resulting in my wrongs being made right by His strength.

Ask yourself if what you’re doing is drawing you closer or further away from God.

When you’re drawing closer to Him, you also draw near the people and things God wants in your life. When you withdraw from God, you withdraw from the people and things God wants in your life, as well.

(Having the right people in your life is important, because they’re most important to God.)

In this context, things can mean physical things or places, or it can mean a state or possession of peace or joy or contentment, etc., in which is in God’s will.

Hopefully this made sense (lol) and could help someone else too.

- Kari

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