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We collect any information in the forms you fill out on this website like your name, phone number, email, messages, feedback, etc. We do not sell nor share that information, unless given permission from the individuals. We collect your contact information to be able to communicate any updates, respond to messages, and keep in contact if anything else should be relayed.


We won't email market anything to anyone unless they fill out an e-mail list form or give us permission in any other form of communication.

Contact information will be stored in a spreadsheet, but again, we will not share or sell unless other wise given permission from said individuals or legal enforcement is required. Our website is made with, so there is the option to store contact information within their platform for admin uses. 

Cookies are collected as well, but can be opted out from non-essential cookies. Cookies are used to help with analytics of the website, like how many people visit, traffic, and other info to help improve website function and quality.

Survey Monkey is used for data collection when involved with taking surveys. No information or answers will not be sold or shared. IP addresses may be collected to identify if the device being used to take a survey; this is because we don't want multiple entries from one person.

We reserve the right to change or modify the privacy policy at anytime, so please check back if you would like to review it. Any updates will be posted here or e-mailed.

If you'd like to opt out from data collection, please email us at with the Subject Line containing: "Opt Out From Data Collection".

Thank you!

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