The Forever Findings was created to get people thinking and reflecting on life topics by means of surveys to start deeper and hearty conversations about things that really matter. Knowing that our lives are but a vapor, I’m hoping with this project it can redeem some time to get people thinking on the things above and about forever. 


Ultimately, I’m partnering with God to start conversations that plant seeds for the gospel and use the research as a tool to get to know people we wouldn't normally meet, go out into the world, and for fellow believers to grow, transform, and to get to know the world they live in and around so we know who and what to pray about.

About KarI

  • Loves God

  • Graduated from Cal State LA in 2019 with BA in Mass Communication

  • Loves learning

  • Loves her family dog Joey

  • Married her best friend Robert on Valentines day 2022