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In what ways does God need to break you in order for you to grow your faith?

Let us break down a bit of the Christianese for anyone who doesn’t know what it means to be broken or to let God break you.

Breaking means breaking off the parts of the human/sinful desires or thinking that’s in your heart in order to think in the Spirit, be led by God, and for your faith in God alone to grow.

God uses the natural events in our lives to break us. He can also allow us to get to the end of our rope resulting in us surrendering to Him and His ways, breaking our faith and confidence in ourselves and shifting our faith and confidence to Him alone.

Sometimes, we don’t have to have breaking moments if we surrender from the start. Other times, God may use moments of hardship to refine the already surrendered people, as well. It can go deep, and this topic requires a personal prayer life with God so He may show you what He needs to break in you and how far deep the breaking needs to go in order for Him to do what He needs to do in your heart at whichever season you are in.

When we are broken, we can’t do anything but rather let the Creator who made us put us back together with His own hands for us to be the vessel He desires us to be.

Yes, He knitted us in our mothers’ wombs in His image, but we were born sinful and with a free will, hence having to be born again with our own desire to be a child of God. And let us debunk a common myth: if someone hasn’t accepted Christ, they are not God’s child; being a child of someone means having a relationship with them. Only with the blood of Christ our relationship with God as our Father can start, and the process of teaching, refining, breaking, and putting back together to the beautiful new masterpiece can begin.

- Robert and Kari

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